Legal Disclaimer

Royal Beauty Cosmetics is not responsible legally, medically, nor liable for any reactions, medical conditions, issues, problems, or otherwise resulting from the use of any products sold or provided by Royal Beauty Cosmetics. Please use every product carefully with caution. Please also be advised that Royal Beauty Cosmetics is not responsible, legally or liable in any other manner for any incidents involving glitter or any other cosmetics or products located on this site. Every person should always use extreme caution with using new products, even glitter of any form. There are many raw materials from various sources that are used in the manufacturing of our products. We can not guarantee that our products are totally free of ingredients that may cause an allergic response in individuals who are sensitive and/or react to nuts, latex, gluten, aloe, or any other legumes. As a example, very small amounts of allergens may cause a severe reaction to a person who is sensitive to peanuts if they come in contact with them. Sometimes, simple kissing or hugging a person wearing some cosmetics can cause allergic reaction in sensitive people. If you have concerns about allergic reactions, you should discuss them with your doctor before wearing any cosmetics or glitters of any type. Before using a new cosmetic product, try a test on a small area of your skin. Wait 24 hours. If there is no reaction, it should be safe to use; however, some reaction times may vary and prevention or discovery during testing is not guaranteed nor promised. When using any cosmetic products, it is important to do the test each time you use it, even if you haven't had problems before. If you are unsure, consult with your doctor or physician before use. A cosmetic labeled or website described as "hypoallergenic" can still cause allergic reactions. "Hypo" means less; the cosmetic does not prevent allergic reactions, it is only less likely to cause them. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after pitting makeup on. If you have any reaction to any cosmetic, Royal Beauty Cosmetics or not stop using immediately. Contact your doctor if your reaction is severe or prolonged. We try to represent our products accurately. The individual personal results described here are not typical and will vary from customer to customer based on various reactions. The result should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee. Any suggestions or promises made by Royal Beauty Cosmetics on the website are just that, suggestions and are in no way guarantees of any products or results. Some products do not come with a list of ingredients such as the gel glitters for example; therefor, ALL products should be used with a extreme caution and consulted with a doctor before use.

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